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Why attend a workshop

The Benefits of Flowers Themselves......

Flowers and their art are not frivolous but rather healthy for the soul.

There is now an accumulating body of research that indicates that the very presence of flowers and plants have a positive impact upon our health and human well being....

At Upsy Daisy our name even implies uplifting. It comes from an old song and a term of endearment that we use to lift a child up when they have stumbled or need reassuring.

A study by Jeannette Haviland-Jones Ph.D. of Rutgers, found that flowers have an immediate impact on happiness. It suggested that flowers can have a positive effect upon moods, can decrease anxiety, and made spaces more welcoming.

Floral Design is a soulful & rejuvenating way to express one’s inner beauty and get in touch with your creative side. For many, floral art can be a wonderful creative outlet and release. From the moment you enter Upsy Daisy Floral Studio we provide a place that allows you to forget your problems and simply enjoy yourself and have a wonderful time shopping or creating.

Upsy Daisy Floral Studio offers private and group design classes. Upsy’s Floral Design classes are not only educational, but also FUN! In each session, you will learn the botanical & common names of popular plants and flowers, as well as the tips and tricks we use to showcase each blossoms beauty. We do our best to provide a relaxed, informal atmosphere where you can discover your own signature floral style.

Our Drop In Flower Bar is available all year round

Drop in and use our workshop to design a flower arrangement; leaving us the mess to clean up. What a wonderful way to relax and decrease stress.

Bring in a vase or container or purchase one from us…. then go nuts picking from our flower bar of garden-fresh selection of flowers, greenery and plants to design an arrangement that resonate and brings you joy.

Check our Workshop Page for upcoming group workshops.

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