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Green Plants for Delivery

Looking for the perfect green plant to send? From You Flowers has an amazing selection of green plants for delivery. Whether you are looking for a floor plant to send or a peace lily plant for delivery from Upsy Daisy Floral Studio has it all. Plants are also perfect for men. The plants can delivered to them at their home or office to celebrate a birthday, promotion or more. Sending plants is also a great idea because the plants last longer then usual flower bouquets. With a little bit of water they will remind your loved one that you thought of them on their special day, for weeks to come. House plants also brighten up homes and fill the room with a relaxing air.

Money Tree- Show me the Money

Money Tree- Show me the Money

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If anyone in your life is a little down on their luck, this is the perfect gift for them! Money trees are said to bring good luck to anyone who brings it into their home or office.The trunks of the trees are braided together in order to lock in good fortune, so show that you care and send them this token of good luck! Care of this plant is easy! Just place in a bright room out of direct sunlight and away from drafts. Temperatures should be between 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit, and should never dip below 55 degrees. To water, simply place two ice cubes in the pot once a week!

• 14-16 Inch Money Tree
• 5 Inch Diameter Pot

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